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A (really strange) year in review

To say 2020 was a year like none other may be the understatement of the century. Who knew at this time last year we would turn the page on an entire calendar year and still be lodged in a battle with one of the widest spread pandemics in human history. I can remember debating what the right move was for one of our favorite events that we host last March. Do we cancel? Can we host it and keep everyone safe? Is this Coronavirus thing real? Ultimately I am very proud of the decision our team made to be one of the first events to voluntarily cancel the in person event and come up with some creative ways that people could still enjoy the event...just in a non traditional way.

Throughout the year, we were in the fortunate position of not feeling pressured to force our way back into in person events before it was advised to do so. After the initial shock, sadness, fear, and overwhelming feelings subsided, the Great Lakes Race Timing team was able to spend time with our families and re-charge our batteries. Quickly those feelings of fear and sadness turned into joy and comfort. I for one feel like I have grown closer to my wife and children throughout this experience. Even though I am very much looking forward getting back closer to the "old normal", I do consider this past year to be a hidden blessing.

Today a whole new set of emotions have set in. Excitement, anticipation, eagerness...these feelings aren't uncommon when spring is setting in but this year they are a little stronger than most. I know I speak for the entire Great Lakes Race Timing team when I say, we can not wait to see you all at a starting line very soon!

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